Made in the Northwest: Lumberbeard Brewing

It's one of Spokane's newest breweries. But like many local businesses, Lumberbeard Brewing is now trying to survive the coronavirus shutdown. Derek Deis has the story in this edition of Made in the Northwest.

Made in the Northwest: Iron Goat Brewing

In less than a decade, it's made a name for itself as one of Spokane's most popular craft breweries. Iron Goat Brewing's taproom is also helping revitalize the west end of downtown. Drink in the details with Derek Deis' latest Made in the Northwest story.

Alcohol giant cut bait on craft beer holding

Constellation Brands just cut bait on a billion-dollar craft beer bet that fell short of expectations, but the seller of Corona and Modelo in the United States says it plans to ride out an even heftier investment in cannabis -- even though it, too, hasn't panned out as initially hoped.