Have you voted? Deadlines for Washington and Idaho

Voters around the Inland Northwest face choices that could reshape their communities for years to come. The midterm election touches on everything from seats in Congress, the Senate, and school bonds - the clock is ticking to get your ballot in.

Poll asks voters whether they prefer men or women on the ballot

When asked if they'd prefer to vote for a man or a woman, all things being equal in the congressional election this fall, the vast majority (three quarters) of registered voters said it doesn't matter one way or another. But more than twice as many voters (16%) said they'd prefer to support a woman than those who said they'd prefer to support a man (7%), according to a recent poll published Tuesday by USA Today/Suffolk.

Spokane County Special Election

The Spokane County Elections office received 86,800 ballots for the Special Election on February 13. This means 30 percent of ballots sent out were returned.