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DOJ watchdog debunks Trump's claims about the Russia probe

A sweeping report released Monday by the Justice Department's internal watchdog debunked several key claims and conspiracy theories that President Donald Trump repeatedly used to attack the Russia investigation that overshadowed much of his presidency.

Trump won't reveal his confidence level in FBI Director Chris Wray

President Donald Trump wouldn't reveal his level of confidence in FBI Director Christopher Wray, who has found himself on the opposite side of the White House when it comes to the investigation into Trump's 2016 campaign and whether campaigns should accept dirt on their opponents from foreign governments.

McCabe book details dysfunction, frenzy in Trump administration

In the early days of the Trump administration, the national security adviser lied to the vice president about his interactions with a Russian diplomat. The attorney general appeared to confuse news reports with classified information he received from intelligence reports. The White House chief of staff expressed frustration that the FBI wouldn'

McCabe: Trump probe opened to preserve Russia investigations

Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe says Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein raised high-level discussions at the Justice Department about recruiting Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office in the aftermath of former FBI Director James Comey's firing.

Special counsel slams Flynn's criticism of FBI interview

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team on Friday slammed a suggestion by Michael Flynn's lawyers that President Donald Trump's former national security adviser lied to the FBI not even a month into his tenure because he was caught off guard when two agents approached him.

McCabe, Rosenstein quarreled over recusals in front of Mueller

In the aftermath of James Comey's firing as FBI director in May 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had a heated confrontation about who should recuse themselves from the Russia investigation in front of special counsel Robert Mueller, according to a source briefed on the matter.

GOP to subpoena McCabe memos that may detail Rosenstein's comments

House Republicans have begun the process to subpoena the Justice Department for the memos written by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that reportedly detail the explosive comments reportedly made by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last year about President Donald Trump, according to a Democratic aide.

What happened between Rosenstein and McCabe before Mueller was appointed?

The staggering revelations of memos documenting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's discussions of surreptitiously recording President Donald Trump and of the 25th Amendment raised fresh questions Friday about the eight-day stretch between the time former FBI Director James Comey was fired last year and Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel to lead the Russia investigation.

Sources: Rod Rosenstein discussed secretly taping Trump

In the days after FBI Director James Comey's May 2017 firing, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed wearing a "wire" to record conversations with President Donald Trump and recruiting Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, according to sources familiar with memos authored by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe documenting the discussions.

DOJ: inspector general report cites lack of candor by McCabe

The Justice Department inspector general found that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe "lacked candor" on four occasions when discussing the disclosure of information for a Wall Street Journal article about the FBI's Clinton Foundation investigation, according to a copy of the report obtained by CNN on Friday.