air quality

Warmer conditions with improving air quality - Mark

Air Quality Alert continues with smoke and haze. Warmer temps for today and Friday. Low pressure moves in with cooler weather and good chance of light rain Saturday. Better air will also come in from the North. Mid 70's and partly cloudy next week.

Smoky sunshine in the Friday forecast -Kris

We have been blissfully smoke-free for the most part in the Inland Northwest this summer.  Things have been going down-hill this week with area wildfires, and now, the wildfire…

Spokane's air quality considered unhealthy for some groups

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane's air quality reached the 'unhealthy for some groups' range on Wednesday, as crews battled wildfires across the state. Air quality starts to be considered unhealthy when air pollutants are measured above a level of 100. As…

Smoke and heat can turn deadly, if you are not careful

Wildfires are continuing to burn around the region. Many woke up and looked out the window to find a blanket of smoke outside. That smoke is also paired with hot temperatures. That's what's making it so dangerous for the community, if you're not being careful.