AARP's age-defying stars over 50

Many popular celebrities aren't spring chickens anymore but you might be surprised to learn their real ages. AARP came up with a list of stars that makes the group say,

Stopping Pension Poachers

There is a growing scheme in our country, aimed at the people who served it, veterans.  Pensions poachers are becoming more prevalent. Both the Federal Trade Commission and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs have issued recent warnings.

Don't Fall for the Grandparent's Scam

It's a scam that hurts both financially and emotionally.  Someone calls an elderly individual pretending to be his or her grandchild.  They say they're overseas, that there's been an emergency and they need money immediately.  Far too often, the unsuspecting grandparent rushes to help by wiring the money and the scammer picks it up, never to be heard from again.       

Spotting Weight Loss Scams

You've seen the ads all over the Internet and on television. "Lose the love handles," "shed weight fast," "Drop 10 pounds in a week."  But many of these offers are aimed at shrinking your bank account, not your waistline.  Whether it's the ubiquitous acai berry or other products promising huge results, here are some signs that a weight loss solution is really a scam.

Signs your Valentine is a scammer

Romance cons are big business, costing an average loss of more than $10,000 per victim in the U.S. Scammers know how to make a connection, tailoring their sweet talk to their victim's responses.

AARP - ID Theft

In 2012 alone, 16.6 million Americans—some seven percent of those age 16 and older—were victims of identity theft. According to the Online Trust Alliance, in 2013, there were 2,164 data breaches in which over 830 million records were exposed—including credit card numbers, email addresses, login credentials, social security numbers and other personal information. Clearly, there is a need for some kind of protective action for consumers.