T-Pain gets real about canceled tour

If you see T-Pain, buy him a drank.

The rapper/producer posted a video on his official Instagram account on Tuesday announcing he was canceling his “1UP DLC Tour” because of low ticket sales.

He took full responsibility for it.

“Some things got cut, some corners got cut, production went missing, and you know, I wasn’t as hands-on with the planning and things as I should’ve been because I’ve been busy as hell,” T-Pain said.

According to the artist, he “thought since the first 1UP Tour went well, sold out every city, then this should be good,” but that didn’t happen so he decided to cancel.

T-Pain said he had been advised to lie and say he was canceling to spend time with his family or some such, which he said other artists do.

“Most artists lie,” he said. “Whenever concerts get canceled or tours get canceled, it’s for low ticket sales. It ain’t really about whatever the f***ing reason they say.”

He even dropped a gem of a life lesson.

“You can’t hold on to a mistake just cause you spent a long time doing it,” T-Pain said. “That’s just the damn truth.”

He may not be going on tour as scheduled, but the man who won “The Masked Singer” last season is still beloved and many on social media hailed him for his honesty.

“i just want T-pain to know he’s not forgotten and that he is loved!,” one person tweeted. “get a new marketing team and re-release those tour please sir and i’ll see you at your Tallahassee show.”