Swimmers Get to Enjoy More Pool Time in Spokane

With temperatures climbing into the 90’s, a lot of people are running to the pools to cool off.

While several pools are shutting doors this weekend in Spokane, the fun isn’t over yet.

Comstock and Hillyard aquatic centers and Shadle and Liberty pools are all closing their doors to public swimming Saturday.

But A.M. Cannon will be open through September 10th for open swim.

Witter will be open until the 9th for swim team and lap swimmers, which is longer than expected.

The city has to consider staff availability, since a lot of them are high school and college students. It’s also keeping an eye on funds and how many people actually come out to the pool.

With a late start to the summer and lots of feedback, the city decided to keep two swimming spots open longer.

Nancy Goodspeed with the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department says, “We heard from a lot of citizens, heard from the mayor, from parents, from lap swimmers — (we’re) trying to do a good balance for everybody “

Keeping these two locations open longer will cost the city around $15,000.