Sweet 16 gear flies of Gonzaga shelves

Sweet 16 gear flies of Gonzaga shelves

Gonzaga Sweet Sixteen t-shirts that flew off the shelves by the hundreds from the Zag Shop Tuesday afternoon.

Paul Dowling is a dedicated fan of Gonzaga basketball and goes to as many games as he can.

“We spent all our money in Vegas and we weren’t able to go to Seattle,” Dowling said with a laugh as he picked up a Sweet Sixteen shirt, “so I heard they were making shirts and they were here, so I thought, ‘I’m going to go get me a shirt.'”

On Tuesday Downling snagged one of the Zag Shop’s Sweet Sixteen shirts, and he got here just in time.

“We had a group of about twenty, thirty people standing and waiting in line, waiting for them to arrive,” said Zag Shop manager Ken Roughton. “They were nice, they allowed us to put them on the table, we just started [saying] ‘what size do you want.'”

After about two hours, most of the t-shirts were gone. Roughton said the excitement surrounding the Zags is everywhere.

“It raises the awareness of Gonzaga out there,” he explained. “It makes it more of a national brand a national name.”

But nowhere are fans more excited about the Sweet Sixteen than here in Spokane.

“They’re such a great team,” Dowling said. “We love Gonzaga. We’re just so happy they finally made it to the Sweet Sixteen.”

On Wednesday, the Zag Shop will have Sweet Sixteen  t-shirts celebrating both the men and women’s teams.

The Zag Shop is open seven days a week, and is located at 801 E. Desmet Ave. on Gonzaga’s Campus.