Suspect tries to report items he stole as stolen

Suspect tries to report items he stole as stolen
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A Spokane Valley Deputy arrested a man who reported he had been burglarized after learning the man had actually stolen items from his neighbor.

On Sunday, around 1 p.m., Spokane Valley Deputy Jason Petrini responded to a reported theft at an apartment complex in the 11900 block of E. Main in Spokane Valley.

The caller, 46-year-old Jason M. Tschanz, said he purchased property from his neighbor before the neighbor went to jail. He claimed his neighbor’s girlfriend came over to his apartment and took some of the property he had purchased back.

Deputy Petrini talked to the neighbor’s girlfriend, who said Tschanz tried to break into their apartment a couple of weeks ago but was caught by her boyfriend. The girlfriend said she had left the apartment earlier on Sunday and when she came back, she noticed several items missing, including a TV, Xbox, and games. She suspected Tschanz and went to confront him.

Tschanz wasn’t home but his daughter said he had brought a TV and Xbox home earlier that morning. The girlfriend took back her TV.

Tschanz later claimed he had purchased the TV, Xbox, and other items from his neighbor for $100. He then said he he already sold to Xbox for $25.

Deputry Petrini called the neighbor at the Geiger Corrections Center. The neighbor denied selling the items to Tschanz.

Tschanz admitted he stole the property after further investigation. The items were given back to their owners after Tschanz was arrested.

Tschanz was booked into the Spokane County Jail for residential burglary, third degree theft, and third degree malicious mischief. He was released later that day after his court appearance.