Suspect taken into custody in attempted NorthTown Mall robbery

Suspect taken into custody in attempted NorthTown Mall robbery
Spokane Police Department

Spokane Police detained a man on Tuesday in what started out as shoplifting at NorthTown Mall and quickly escalated.

Police responded to a call around 6 p.m. from security at JCPenney’s who said a shoplifter pulled a gun on them.

According to police, 32-year-old Jared Pilon was allegedly trying to shoplift items from JCPenney’s when he was confronted at the door by security.

That’s when Pilon allegedly reached into his waistband area. Security said it looked like Pilon was reaching for a gun, but was unable to pull it out.

Instead, security says he ran from the parking lot into a nearby neighborhood. A couple officers were already in the area and took Pilon into custody about a block away from the mall.

As he was being detained, officers also attempted to pull the gun from its holster and said it seemed to be jammed or stuck.

While searching Pilon, officers took the handgun, which they described as ‘realistic looking,’ as well as methamphetamine and stolen credit cards. They also learned Pilon had three warrants for his arrest.

Pilon was booked for two theft warrants and a DOC warrant from possessing a stolen car, as well as for robbery, possession of stolen property in the second degree, and for possessing methamphetamine.

Police said his criminal convictions include possession of a stolen vehicle, money laundering and four counts of possession of a controlled substance.