Spokane Police: Man involved in shooting, standoff in downtown Spokane is dead

SPOKANE, Wash – A man suspected in a series of crimes that ended with a downtown Spokane standoff is dead. He was shot before 6 am by officers from two local agencies.

The situation began early Wednesday morning with a report of a robbery nearby.

Police spotted a suspicious vehicle downtown with three people in the car. Two people got out and are being detained, but one man refused. The two men that were originally detained, Christopher Jones and Christopher Gooch, are now arrested and charged with first-degree robbery.

He drove away, crashing his car near 2nd and Spokane. That set off a four-hour standoff with streets blocked in the area.

Shortly after the crash, Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl said “there was an exchange of gunfire” between the suspect two Spokane Police officers.

Chief Meidl said they will review body camera footage to see exactly what happened.

During the standoff, Spokane Police say they tried multiple times to communicate with the man and get him out of the car. Chief Meidl said they used pepper ball rounds, flash bangs and other gas canisters, but the man threw them out of the vehicle.

Police called in units from nearby agencies, including Bear Cat vehicles from Post Falls and Kootenai County.

The standoff finally ended around 5:45 am when Chief Meidl says the man got out of the car and was still armed.

Chief Meidl said two Spokane Police Officers and a detective from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office fired, killing the man.

The Washington State Patrol is now taking over the shooting investigation.

The area around the crime scene just east of downtown Spokane will likely be closed for several more hours as police investigate.

Anyone with video or information about what happened is asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.