Man charged with abusing toddler; child not expected to survive

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — A man who allegedly abused a 19-month-old child has been arrested by Spokane Valley Police and the child is not expected to survive.

Suspect Mickey E. Brown, 19, was arrested on Friday in connection to life-threatening and unexplained injuries a 19-month-old girl had when police responded to a call a couple days ago.

On Wednesday, August 4, police responded to a call of a 1-year-old child who wasn’t breathing. After the girl was sent to the hospital with life-threatening and unexplained injuries, police said they spoke to Brown, who is the boyfriend of the victim’s mom and was looking after the child.

According to police, Brown claimed that he fed her when she woke up, and had just finished giving her a bath when she started going into a seizure. He claimed he was running to a family member’s home with the girl when he tripped and fell on her, before getting up and making his way to the home.

The victim’s mom said she was at work when she found out what happened to her daughter.

According to police, a doctor classified the girl’s injuries as non-accidental and indicated child abuse. He added the girl had head trauma that will most likely result in death.

Brown has been booked into Spokane County Jail for child abuse.

The investigation is ongoing.

This is a developing story.