Survey shows 93% of people wearing masks in Spokane County

Face Masks

SPOKANE, Wash – The requirement to wear masks in Washington appears to be taking hold in Spokane County. A recent observation by the Spokane Regional Health District shows 93% of people are wearing masks.

In the survey, volunteers watched people in 18 locations in Spokane County over the weekend of July 18-19. The locations were not identified.

They observed 735 people; 682 were wearing masks, 53 were not. That’s seven percent of people not wearing masks.

The same percentage was the same for men and women, though Spokane Regional Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz had said previously that he saw more white men refusing to wear masks. That was early on in the mask mandate.

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Governor Inslee has previously touted Yakima County for improving its mask-wearing, which has led to a slower rate of COVID spread there. In that case, Gov. Inslee says Yakima County had a mask-wearing rate of about 95%.

Previous research showed that nationwide, two-thirds of Americans said they wore masks when going out in public. That survey was done in June, before many cities and states put the mask mandates in place.

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