Surveillance video shows two women hit by car crossing on Main and Division

Surveillance video shows two women hit by car crossing on Main and Division

Two women were hit by a car Wednesday while crossing the street on Main and Division and security cameras at The Globe Bar and Kitchen saw it all.

Surveillance footage shows two women waiting for the signal to cross on Main outside of The Globe, then being hit in the middle of the crosswalk by a car. Video shows employees running out of the restaurant to help the victims. Witnesses say the driver was an elderly woman trying to change lanes mid-turn.

Joey Larocque and his staff were in the middle of a meeting at The Globe when their liquor supplier saw the collision.

“She struck them both, kinda simultaneously and one of the girls went up the hood a little bit,’ said Larocque, after watching the surveillance video. “I’m immediately like, ‘how can I help?’ And so we just ran out immediately to see if everybody’s okay.”

Larocque said jumping in to help on a crash like this is extremely rare, but he sees close calls on this crosswalk day in and day out.

“We’re very careful, we tell our patrons to be very careful when they’re crossing the street,” he said. “It’s a confusing intersection, especially for drivers and so on a daily basis we see this happen, and not the collisions – but we see the near misses and the people, the drivers not yielding to pedestrians.”

Spokane Police echo that message to drivers and pedestrians.

“Fortunately they weren’t hurt more than they could’ve been,” John O’Brien with the Spokane Police Department.

“Don’t take it for granted that everybody’s going to see you or stop for you,” said O’Brien. “For the drivers, like that intersection may be confusing to some people, slow down… Take a little extra time… And I’m not talking a lot of time. A few seconds can make the difference between getting through the intersection safely, and having a collision.”

The driver was cited with second degree negligent driving and those women tell KXLY they’re recovering.

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