Support for Spokane caregivers pours in after 4 News Now Inside the ICU special report

SPOKANE, Wash. — Positive comments and words of encouragement started pouring in Wednesday night, as nurses and community members watched a 4 News Now Special report that took viewers inside a Spokane ICU.

The story, which is one of just a handful of its kind being told across the country, has been viewed and shared thousands of times online. As of Thursday afternoon, the video was in the top 20 trending videos on YouTube.

It was on the front page of Reddit as well.

FULL STORY: Inside the ICU: An exclusive look inside Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center’s intensive care unit 

Several people have commented specifically online about the Providence Sacred Heart nurses featured in our story.

“Thank you Jeremy Mullavey for taking care of my brother in law earlier this year,” Jennifer Madsen-Florence wrote on Facebook. “I saw first hand the ICU when we had to say goodbye. It is so horrible and real.”

On Reddit, a nurse wrote “I’m not sure why I watched the whole thing after a 14 hr overnight ICU shift. I think I just feel seen, and I appreciate this news crew for sharing how dire it really is. Please, for the love of God, get vaccinated.”

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