Supply chain woes aren’t the only issues impacting small businesses

SPOKANE, Wash. — The holiday season has officially kicked off, but it’s a different holiday season for small businesses that have prepared for this weekend well in advance. 

Several local businesses have been working hard to ensure they have enough stock ahead of Small Business Saturday. Some have had to even warn customers to shop early all because of supply chain issues. 

Kizuri in downtown Spokane is a local, fair-trade shop that ships from over 40 different countries. They get their supply directly from the country it is made in and have had to deal with issues outside of just supply chain struggles. 

Owner Jill Joseph has had to prepare for countries shutting down because they have been hit by another wave of the pandemic. So, when a country has been open, she has had had to grab as much supply as possible. 

“A lot of the places where our owners work are food insecure and it’s led to economic shutdowns, that led to food shortages so whenever we’re able to, we buy products from these artisans so we can keep things going,” Joseph said.

Even though the holiday season has just begun, Kizuri has already sold out of a few items. Joseph says they will not get any more of those items and she hopes that her stock will last until the end of the year. 

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