Sunshine this afternoon and Tuesday – Mark

Mon Planning

Sun and clouds take over Monday’s weather forecast after Sunday’s weather filled with rain and flooding. By 5 p.m., you can expect temperatures in the mid-60s before cooling down to the low 60s and high 50s at around 9 p.m.

Mon Mid 12 Hrs

Here are your 4 Things you need to know about the upcoming weather forecast. Along with the suns and clouds comes showers in the mountains ahead of a sunny, warmer Tuesday. We can also expect it to be dry for a while.

Mon Mid 4 Things

Below average highs range across the Inland Northwest, but you can expect it to be sunny later in the day. Highs of mid-60s range in the Spokane, Coeur D’Alene area.

Mon Highs

It will be drier today and we will have breezy southwest winds and cooler temperatures today. It is clearing up and warming for Tuesday with clouds and more warmth for Wednesday and Thursday. Showers will return for next weekend just in time for graduation parties.

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