Sunshine later with mild conditions today and Thursday – Mark

Your 4 Things to Know today: Last night’s rain cleared out a bit of that haze over the past few days, and moving on through today, more of that smoke will be dissipating. Still, we’re under a Red Flag Warning, which means fire danger is still extremely high. Heading into tomorrow, there will be some clouds, but weather will be mild through Friday.

Wed Mid 4 Things

Looking better later, and look at that—when was the last time you saw 70s in the forecast for noon?

Wed Rest Of

Mild today and cooler Thursday…

Wed Highs

We’ll transition from scattered and isolated thunderstorms this morning to sunshine and mild weather the rest of today. Today and Thursday, we’ll see below-average highs today, with temperatures warming back up Friday into the weekend with 90s. Things will stay dry heading into next week.

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