Sunshine and warm weather is coming… on Sunday

Happy Saturday! Weather conditions are looking brighter…. tomorrow. Hang in there!

Tonight, we’re expecting the potential for more wet weather. Scattered showers are very possible tonight. Some areas may also have isolated thunderstorms. Those storms could bring heavy rain and gusty winds.

Good news, however, we’re only expecting that potential until about 9 tonight. Conditions should start to calm overnight.

Tonight’s low temperature is 43 degrees in Spokane.

Tomorrow, we’ll start climbing back in high temperatures. We’ll see 70s in Spokane. Spokane will also start its morning off with sunshine. Afternoon, we’ll start to see some cloud cover roll in.

The work week will bring hot temperatures – yep, hot. Spokane is expecting upper 80s and low 90s towards mid-week. Conditions should stay mainly dry. Warmest day will be around Thursday.