Sunny Easter brings people outdoors

Sunny Easter brings people outdoors

Temperatures in the 50s and clear skies had people in the Inland Northwest ditching Easter brunch and taking on the great outdoors. Camp Sekani Jamboree on Upriver Drive was packed with people on Sunday afternoon.

“I’m all about the festivities,” Josh Hopkins said. “It’s just another nice Sunday and you got to go up on the mountain when it’s this nice.”

Hopkins and his friend Anthony Cortez were one of many that took to the hills today for some mountain biking.

“Everyone has the day off so I think everyone had the same mindset,” Cortez said.

As one vehicle left the parking lot, another came in, just like a conveyor belt of fun seekers.

“It looks like there’s a lot of people out here,” said Tanilla McDaniel, who is visiting from Oklahoma. “We’re use to being out in the desert with the Joshua Cactus and being by ourselves and occasionally running into someone.”

Not today.

If the sun is out, then there are a lot of people out.

“I think we’ll see a lot more people than wildlife today,” McDaniel laughed.

The disc golf course was just as busy as the traditional greens. Tommy Smith unexpectedly got the day off of work, so he took advantage of the opportunity to get some practice in.

“Been out here probably about a half of an hour,” Smith said.

Wherever your Easter hunt leads you, here’s to hoping things turned out sweet.