Sunny and Warm Tuesday, Windy Wednesday – Mark

Happy Tuesday! It’s sunny outside with mild temperatures expected throughout the day!

Tue Mid 12 Hrs

Your 4 Things to know for Tuesday, March 29:

  • One more day above 60
  • Soak in that sunshine
  • Breezes on Wednesday
  • Mild temperatures into the weekend

Tue Mid 4 Things

Expect above average and dry conditions on this bright Tuesday.

Tue Highs

Temperatures will be just above average, and afternoon winds come in on Wednesday.

Tue Wed Highs

So grab those sunglasses…a great day’s ahead with lots of sunshine and warm conditions. A weak and dry cold front rolls over us on Wednesday with cooler temperatures and southwest winds gusting at 35 mph. It’ll get calmer and mild to end the week and the weekend, with temperatures in the mid 50s expected.

Tue Planning 7 Day