Summer Street Resurfacing Outside Trailhead Golf Course

The latest issue of the Liberty Link [.PDF], a Newsletter for Liberty Lake Citizens, discusses the upcoming plan to resurface seven residential streets this summer. No dates have been set but according to Andrew Staples, City Engineer, scheduling for resurfacing will be announced next month. 


Potholes will be repaired before the resurfacing. Then the city plans to put down a layer of chip seal to provide extra protection. The selected streets are in the surrounding residential area outside Trailhead Golf Course. Below is a list of affected streets. 

1. Prestwick Place 

2. Colony Court 

3. Settler Drive 

4. Wright Blvd (Country Vista to Maxwell) 

5. Madson Road (Boone to Maxwell) 

6. Maxwell Ave (Homestead to Molter) 

7. Sinto Avenue (Madson to the cul-de-sac)

According to the newsletter, city staff will provide advanced notice for any resurfacing activity to minimize disruption to community members’ schedules. 

For those in that neighborhood, what do the roads look like? Send a picture! Email: