Study finds startling distracted driving statistics

Study finds startling distracted driving statistics

Zendrive–a San Francisco based driving analytics company–released jaw dropping numbers just in time for distracted driving awareness month.

In what was called the ‘largest distracted driving behavior study’ ever, the company monitored 570 million car trips covering 3.6 billion miles between December of 2016 and February of this year.

For every 100 car trips, the driver used their wireless phone in some capacity 88 times.

From there, the numbers were even more startling. For every hour behind the wheel, drivers were using their phones for 3 and a half minutes; an eternity when you consider life altering mistakes only take a second.

A similar study by Virginia Tech revealed dialing your phone raises your risk of crashing 12 times, and even reaching to grab your phone is 5 times as dangerous as just leaving it.

As of Tuesday morning, Washington State Patrol had pulled over 110 drivers in 7 counties so far in the month of April. That’s nearly double the amount of stops from the first 18 days of March.

While Washington state may be cracking down, this study serves as a reminder that distracted driving is a nation-wide problem.