Study finds Spokane is the second most cat-friendly city in the country

Every day is Caturday in Spokane!

A new study from Redfin lists the Lilac City as the second most cat-friendly city in the country.

The study, which was done by Redfin and Trupanion, analyzed its data on access to cat-specific services like clinics, shelters and hospitals. It also looked at environmental hazards like sago palm, a tropical plant that is poisonous to cats.

Redfin then calculated the percentage of homes for sale with cat-friendly features like high ceilings for room to climb, an extra bathroom for additional litter-box options and patios for those who like to use them as “catios.”

Corvallis, Oregon took first place, while Orlando, Florida rounded out the top three.

“When choosing a home and neighborhood, homebuyers tend to consider the needs and wants of everyone who will be living in the home, and of course that includes pets,” said Redfin chief economist Daryl Fairweather. “Certain homes are better suited to cats, with spaces for the furry family member to lounge and play, and nearby facilities to maintain your cat’s health. Whether you have a cat or not, get to know your neighborhood and look for a home that you, your family, and your pets will be happy in for years to come.”

For a full list of the top cat-friendly cities, click here.

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