Students organize unity rally at EWU after racist posters found on campus

Dozens of Eastern Washington University students and staff stood around a sign that read “inspiring the future” as they gathered for a unity rally on Tuesday afternoon.

“We are one race, we are the human race, we can’t act a color, we are all human,” said student Derrick Anderson.

The rally was in response to a handful of racist posters and flyers found on EWU’s campus over President’s Day Weekend. The posters were promoting a white nationalist group called Identity Evropa, a group known for originating the chant “you will not replace us.”

“When we are confronted with extremists that threaten the sanctity of our identities and communities, we need to stand together,” said Kyle Carroll, a speaker at the rally. The posted materials prompted quick dismissal from the school’s Vice President of diversity and inclusion Shari Clarke as well as the school’s President Mary Cullinan, who both say the posters don’t align with campus values.

“That is not welcome here,” said Clarke. “Racism, homophobia, sexism, none of those negatives can flourish here and we wanted to squash that.”

“Neither I nor my community will be torn apart by this nonsense,” said another speaker.

According to EWU spokesman Dave Meany, the flyers have been taken down. He says they violated campus policy which doesn’t allow anything to be posted that is discriminatory or inflammatory. He also says to post materials, students have to get school permission.

He says campus police have been made aware.

The rally was followed by an educational conversation on diversity and inclusion in the school’s multi-cultural center.