Students at Spokane Public Schools are College Bound

Students at Spokane Public Schools are College Bound

Spokane Public Schools are receiving praise from Governor Jay Inslee. The district is one of the highest performing for the scholarship program College Bound.

The district believes that by giving students they idea that they can extend their education beyond high school, they’re more likely to do so.

Washington is in the bottom five states in the nation for students going on to higher education. Something the district is eager to change.

Walking through the halls at Glover Middle School it’s hard to turn a corner and not see something college related. Walls are littered with flags and banners of colleges from around the country.

Glover 8th grader, Charles Williams, has dreams of being a Washington State Cougar. He is college bound.

“College bound is a program that pays for your first four years of college, basically,” Williams said.

The program was rolled out state-wide 8 years ago, benefiting students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford college.

“It’s an income based scholarship, with kids who are motivated in making the commitment to go on to post secondary,” said Melissa Pettey, with Spokane Public Schools.

College Bound students receive additional support to make them successful in high school and beyond, but to remain eligible for the scholarship they still have to put in the work themselves. Maintaining a ‘C’ average, and staying out of trouble with the law and school.

“Washington is in the bottom of getting kids to college, this is our state coming together to say, we want our kids to go to college, we don’t want to be in the bottom five so we’re going to support families financially,” Pettey said.

Pettey said Washington ranks very high in the number of jobs requiring a college degree. That is why it is so important to get students T-2-4, in a technical, two year, or four year school.

“We want students to have all the opportunities open to them,” Pettey said.

Students like Williams, who’s committed to making his dreams a reality.

“I want to be a mechanical engineer,” Williams said. “I decided mechanical engineer because I found out I like to build models and stuff like that.”