Stuckart’s vision for Spokane: “I believe we’re on the right track.”

Stuckart’s vision for Spokane: “I believe we’re on the right track.”
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The race for Spokane’s next Mayor was narrowed from five candidates to two on Tuesday night.

With the majority of ballots counted, candidates Nadine Woodward and Ben Stuckart were the strong favorites. The initial tally shows Woodward received 42.2% of the vote and Stuckart received 37.2%.

The morning after the election, Stuckart appeared on Good Morning Northwest with 4 News Now Anchor Derek Deis.

The current Spokane City Council President said he plans to win November’s general election by continuing to talk with voters about his vision for the city, which he said is ‘”walkable business centers and housing variety.:

“We need to address our housing crisis and the way to do that is really to take areas like Perry Street, Monroe Street and replicate what we did on Sprague with revitalization. It helps small business and eyes on the street are best for public safety,” said Stuckart.

Stuckart said he hopes to knock on another 10,000 doors over the next three months leading up to the election.

Over the course of the campaign, Stuckart has been critical of his opponent’s tactics, accusing Woodward of relying on fear.

“Fear is hard to fight against, I think that’s the biggest obstacle,” Stuckart told 4 News Now at a primary election night campaign event. “I believe we’re a great community and I believe together we are stronger.”

Stuckart said his campaign is instead based on continuing the progress he feels the city has already made.

“I grew up here and I think it’s a wonderful place. I believe we’re on the right track. We’re seeing progress,” he said, referencing things like the revamped Wonder Bread building on the north bank of the river. “I think we need to continue that.”

Candidate Nadine Woodward will be appearing live on Good Morning Northwest tomorrow, Thursday August 8. She released the following statement on Tuesday night:

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