Stuckart leads mayoral race with $170k in campaign contributions

Stuckart leads mayoral race with $170k in campaign contributions
City Council President Ben Stuckart has surpassed former broadcast journalist Nadine Woodward in mayoral campaign contributions, bringing in more than $170,000 before the Aug. 6 primary.

It’s been about five months since the Spokane mayoral campaign ramped up and soon, the field of five will be whittled down to two candidates who will go head-to-head to become Spokane’s next mayor.

It’s an expensive race.

When it comes down to campaign contributions, it’s been a battle between city council president Ben Stuckart and former broadcast journalist Nadine Woodward. The latest numbers from the Public Disclosure Commission show Stuckart has pulled ahead in contributions before the Aug. 6 primary election.

Stuckart, who filed for candidacy in 2016, has brought in $170,363 in contributions from donors across the country, in cities like Phoenix and Kansas City. His campaign has poured $101,753 into the race — about $5,000 less than Woodward’s campaign has spent.

Woodward’s campaign has racked up $150,536 in contributions from mainly local donors, spending $106,996 on the race since she filed for candidacy in April.

Firefighter and army veteran Shawn Poole has seen his campaign invest $19,459 on the race for the mayor’s office since 2018, bringing in $20,370 — outpacing Jonathan Bingle by about $7,000. The local businessman has raised $13,472 in contributions, with $8,537 in expenditures. Lifelong West Central resident and community volunteer Kelly Cruz has raised $2,050 since he filed in 2018.