Stuckart, Burke back report highlighting Washington’s renewable energy potential

Stuckart, Burke back report highlighting Washington’s renewable energy potential

Members of Spokane’s City Council joined local activists Thursday to help release a new report that highlights Washington state’s potential to become a leader in renewable energy.

The report, called Road to a Fossil Free Washington, was put together by a non-profit organization called Environment Washington Research & Policy Center. It finds that our state is more than equipped to rely completely on wind and solar energy resources.

It says that, if the state fully switched to renewable energy sources, just 5.5% of Washington’s wind and solar energy potential could power all current state electricity demand.

The first step in Spokane is getting more electric cars on our streets.

According to the report, “Washington has the wind and solar resources to meet all of our energy needs … The time has come for Washington to aggressively expand the use of electric vehicles.”

Amanda Tracy, from the policy center behind the report, met with local activists, Spokane City Council member Kate Burke, and City Council President Ben Stuckart outside Spokane’s Main Street Co-Op Market Thursday morning to discuss the importance of the report, and the steps Spokane should take to become less reliant on fossil fuels.

“Our message today is simple. We have the power. We can re-power Washington with renewable energy and cities like Spokane cad lead the way,” said Amanda Tracy.

The report recommends Spokane policy makers begin to set renewable energy goals, start using electric cars at the municipal level, and install electric car charging stations around the city.

According to Stuckart, it just might be doable.

“I know my colleagues on the council have the political will to ignore all the naysayers and science deniers, to take the lead in the intermountain west in terms of renewable energy. Our citizens and voters deserve and expect nothing less from us,” he said.

You can find the full report here.