Stuck behind a desk? Here are some easy ways to stay active at work

There are a lot of things out of our control when it comes to preventing heart disease.

One of the things that can be controlled is eating healthy and staying active. For some, staying active feels like an impossible task if their job requires them to sit behind a desk all day.

Ahead of the annual Heart and Stroke walk, the American Heart Association shared tips for getting creative with getting active at work!

Don’t leave any room for excuses

Keep a pair of sneakers, a change of work-out clothes and small weights under your desk. Instead of taking an hour lunch, go outside for a walk.

If that isn’t possible, walk around your building.

Grab the set of weights during a conference call and do some bicep curls! Find a coworker with similar goals as you and plan a workout schedule, Having a buddy can help keep you accountable. Plus, it’s fun to have someone to workout with.

Just like scheduling a meeting, block out time on your calendar to work out.

Walk whenever you can

Instead of using the printer next to your desk, why not send your papers to the one across the room or across the building?

Take the stairs instead of the elevator and personally deliver messages to other coworkers instead of sending them in an email.

See if your boss, clients or coworkers would be up for a walking meeting instead of inside the conference room!

Get creative

All movement is good movement when it comes to preventing heart disease. Invest in a pair of headphones or hit speakerphone on a long conference call and multitask!

Walk in place, do leg lifts in your chair or use your desk for desk push ups and triceps dips! Talk to your boss about investing in a standing desk, treadmill desk or sit-stand desk riser.

The American Heart Association’s Heart and Stroke walk will take place Saturday, September 14 at 9 a.m. You can register here or the morning of at the Washington State University Spokane campus where it will take place near the Student Academic Center.