Stress less and be more present! The Union to begin offering free meditation classes

We live in a busy world. From family commitments to work projects to constantly keeping our eyes on the screen so we don’t miss anything important on social media. It’s become increasingly harder to just be in the moment.

The Union is a local fitness studio that offers classes on spinning, cycling and TRX. The instructors might seem zen when you workout with them, but they too experience the stresses and demands of every day life. Some expressed that practicing meditation has brought them peace and calmness, so they’ve decided to classes on it to the rotation so others can enjoy the benefits!

You do not need a studio or gym mat to practice meditation. It can be done sitting at your desk, laying in bed or on a busy train. However, the thought of it can seem intimidating. What if I daydream? What if I can’t sit still?

Prior to the free Monday morning classes they will begin offering on January 28th, they are hosting an Introduction to Meditation class, Sunday, January 27th to address these concerns. The Sunday class will run from 2pm to 4pm and cost $40. Attendees will walk away with tips for breathing during meditation, what kind of music or sounds to listen to, the benefits of things like herbs and crystals. The Union’s meditation instructor Afiea Addy will also walk participants through two different kinds of meditations. Mindful meditation, where you focus on your breath or a peaceful image, as well as guided meditation.

“I will essentially be taking you through a little journey so imagine a light here, or imagine this image and I’m guiding and taking you through that. And when you find your mind wandering off, you come back to my voice,” said Addy of the guided meditation.

The workshop and classes are open to everyone. There’s very little movement involved so there is no need to worry about experience as an athlete or yogi to see the benefits which include reducing stress and anxiety, increasing your attention span, improving sleep, controlling pain and decreasing blood pressure and age-related memory loss.

“It helps my reaction time, for sure. That’s my biggest thing. My anxiety and my reaction time. Those moments where you are out driving and someone cuts you off or someone at work is a little passive aggressive, things you get reaction towards and hold on to later. It helps me find my peace and presence,” added Addy.

To see the best results, meditation should be practiced daily. The Union suggests downloading free apps like Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer to help guide you.

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