Stray bullet tears through South Hill apartment, neighbor tenant evicted

Stray bullet tears through South Hill apartment, neighbor tenant evicted

A Spokane mother says a stray bullet that tore through her bathroom mirror could have easily killed one of her family members.

Kyrstin Berry woke up just before 2 a.m. Sunday and found shattered glass and several holes inside her South Hill apartment at Copper Hill along 44th Avenue.

The bullet went through her bathroom mirror, out the bathroom wall and into a bedroom where her two young children were sleeping.

“About a foot away from my son’s head,” Berry said. “It makes me want to puke. It’s the one instance that I can look up and say that as a mom, I couldn’t have protected my children.”

The shot came from her neighbor’s apartment.

“When you looked through the hole you could actually look straight through into his apartment and see the broken glass on his side.”

Spokane Police and SWAT were called in but Berry’s neighbor was gone by the time they entered his apartment. Berry doesn’t think the shooting was intentional.

“I do genuinely think that he was probably taking one of those selfies, like ‘hey, I got a gun,’ and accidentally fired,” Berry said.

Her neighbor received an eviction notice Monday. Berry said Spokane Police still have some questions for him — so does she.

“I want a face to face with him. I want to know what he was doing. I want him to know the world he could have crashed on my side. I want him to know — I want him to look up and see the three kids that I have and see that in any point in time my three kids could have been ripped away from me.”

KXLY attempted to reach the man for comment but there was no answer at his apartment Monday afternoon. Berry said she doesn’t plan to press charges.

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