Straub: Security huge concern for Super Bowl host city

Straub: Security huge concern for Super Bowl host city

Security is a huge concern for any Super Bowl host city, and few people know that better than Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub, who was the top cop in Indianapolis when that city hosted Super Bowl XLVI.

Inside the chief’s office you’ll find some keepsake photos from Super Bowl XLVI. Straub spent two years planning for the event and was so preoccupied with safety he really didn’t have a chance to enjoy the Super Bowl until the last play of the game.

This year Straub is sitting on the sidelines in Spokane but well aware of the security efforts the host city is putting together to make sure the game remains safe.

“The game itself is relatively easy to protect because everybody coming into the stadium is going through a metal detector. Their bags are going to be searched, you have all the air detection systems there. The airspace over the stadium is sealed,” he said.

Straub and the 3,500 officers at his disposal also had to protect the crowds around Lucas Oil Stadium.

“The Super Bowl really starts about 10 days before the game,” he said.

Endurance became the name of the game in Straub’s world. That and caffeine.

“By noon I had drank nine three-shot Latte Grandes from Starbucks, which actually made the paper out there but that was the intensity of it,” he recalled.

Along the way Straub got to meet a few celebrities, including Adam Sandler, “who is an absolute gentleman. We had a few laughs with him. He came in and one of the thing we had to do was find a place for him to play basketball.”

There was also a moment he won’t forget, standing on the field when the New York Giants foiled a last-second Hail Mary pass by the Patriots.

“I was literally right in the end of the end zone watching the play unfold so it was pretty cool,” he said.

So what’s his prediction for this Sunday? Straub thinks it’s the Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man who will be celebrating at the end of the game.

“The whole team worked together. The whole team got it done so I think it’s going to be a great Super Bowl. I’m looking forward to them winning the Super Bowl. I think it’s going to be neat for Seattle. Its great for Spokane. Its great for the whole Pacific Northwest and I’m thrilled to be here to watch it. I think it’s going to be cool,” he said.