Stranger’s random act of kindness benefits local disabled veteran

Stranger’s random act of kindness benefits local disabled veteran

A good Samaritan paid a very large bill for a disabled veteran in Spokane, and he did it all anonymously.

Just a few days ago, Kimberly Klutinis and her daughter walked into Grease Monkey in Airway Heights to get her car brakes fixed.

“I was getting quotes, you know, of how much it was going to cost and see if I get a military discount,” says Kimberly.

Kimberly is a disabled Air Force veteran. While waiting for the quote, she and her daughter met with another customer in the waiting room- a man named “Rod.” They chit chatted for a bit.

Grease Monkey’s Manager, Serafin Rodriguez, said she needed new brake parts and could get her brakes fixed on a later day. So, she went home. Then, Rodriguez says Rod walked up to his coworker.

“He said hey this gentleman wants to pay for her service or and I was like ‘okay that’s fine.’ I didn’t know it was going to be $200 of the service,” says Rodriguez.

Rod paid the $200 bill for Kimberly’s new brakes–a woman he had just met for the first time minutes ago.

“I just couldn’t believe it. They called me and told me Rod had overheard me asked me for military discount and he paid $200 to thank me for my service. I was really excited and tearing up and I called my Mom and Dad and brother and I was just so stoked!” Kimberly gushes.

“It really touches you when someone does that for military and it was just amazing,” says Kimberly’s significant other, U.S. Army’s Brett Michael Kettler.

Rod doesn’t want to take any credit. “I asked him for a phone number and he asked me if he could stay anonymous,” says Rodriguez.

“He wanted to pay it forward and for me to pay it forward and I really live my life that way. Someone might know who Rod is and say thanks for me,” says Kimberly.

Now that the car parts are here, Kimberly plans to get her brakes fixed Thursday at Grease Monkey and she also plans to keep paying it forward with kindness.