Stolen property recovered, suspects arrested in Bridgeport

Stolen property recovered, suspects arrested in Bridgeport
Douglas County Sheriff's Office

Three people were arrested by Douglas County deputies on Monday, Jan. 22, 2018 after deputies discovered stolen property inside of a Bridgeport apartment.

Michelle Casarez, 28, was arrested on an arrest warrant outside of an apartment in the 700 block of Fairview Avenue. While she was being arrested, Casarez requested to retreive her cellphone from one of the apartments and was accompanied by a deputy to do so. Inside the apartments, the deputy observed a large variety of what was believed to be stolen property.

A search warrant was attained for the apartment, and deputies recovered a large amount of property from burglaries in Douglas, Okanagan, and Chelan counties. Items recovered include coins, tools, electronics, firearms, and silencers.

As a result of the search warrant and investigation, deputies arrested Francisco Leyva-Saucedo, 29, for first-degree possession of stolen property, possession of a stolen firearm, and first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. Also arrested was Crystal M. Sanabria, 28, for first-degree possession of stolen property and possession of a stolen firearm.

Both Leyva-Saucedo and Sanabria were booked into hte Okanogan County Jail.