High-end bikes stolen from downtown recovered

Stolen High End Bike Recovered One

SPOKANE, Wash. — Last Saturday, two high-end bikes worth $5,000 were stolen from the bike rack of a person’s car in downtown Spokane, but over the next couple days Spokane Police Department found both bikes and two suspects have been arrested.

The suspects, 20-year-old Cole Rapp and 21-year-old Sequoia Woods, were allegedly found in possession of the stolen bikes and have been charged with first degree theft and second degree malicious mischief.

Both suspects have previous convictions and are well known to the Downtown Precinct officers.

The bikes were found undamaged. Usually when bikes are recovered they are heavily damaged, repainted and components are swapped out, destroying the value of the bikes.

The SPD encourages people to be self-aware and responsible in securing belongings. They said it’s a good idea to mark valuable property with driver’s license number and other information that will help officers identify owners of recovered stolen property as well as registering bikes with the City of Spokane.