Sticking with your resolutions in 2018

Sticking with your resolutions in 2018

Now that all the New Year’s Eve celebrations have wrapped up, focus shifts to making 2018 the best year yet. Usually, that involves some resolutions. Finding them is never the problem, it’s keeping them that’s the struggle.

For the new Mr. and Mrs. Contreras, 2017 was one for the record books.

“It was a lot. A lot happened. Moving, pregnant, marriage,” said Marissa Contreras.

In 2018, they are showing no signs of slowing down. Owning their own house, getting back in to the military and college; lots of goals and resolutions but none more important than saving for their growing family.

“Financial stability,” added Marissa. “That’s our main goal. To make sure she can go to college and doesn’t have to worry about anything.”

There is already some concern about being successful, especially with their new baby girl arriving just one week in to the new year.

“I know that’s going to be a huge struggle for us because we’ve only been single and then when it was the two of us it was hard because we had different spending habits,” she said.

They invited Spokane life coach Connie Jacobs in to their home to come up with a plan.

Connie said, “we want to be real cautious when we are setting goals, that it is not a fear-based goal where we say ‘this will never happen.’ ‘i will never let this happen.’ Because sometimes life happens.”

Connie says when it comes to setting resolutions, it’s important to not raise the bar so high.

“My number one motto is to be realistic,” said Connie.

Instead of setting a goal for the whole year, why not try to get through one day and then maybe, one month.

“Remember the why, why are you doing this. What’s behind this. You are doing this for the benefit of your daughter,” she told Tony and Marissa Contreras.

Those words of advice put Marissa’s worries at ease.

“We’re scared because what if we don’t have the money for our child?” asked Marissa. “So it was nice to hear that being fearful is not why you should make a new year’s resolution. It should be for yourself and to feel better and for us I feel like that’s what we needed to hear.”