Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions

Riverfront Park was quite busy Tuesday with people looking to start their New Year’s resolutions off – on ice.

For some., it was a different way to meet the goal of working out more. Mom Andrea Speelman said it’s fun first experience in a year that she hopes will be all about trying new things.

“I am a scaredy-cat and Iike to be in my comfort zone but I’ve got the kids and they want to go ice skating so I am out here ice skating for the first time,” Andrea explained.

The kids are keeping her accountable.

Nine-year-old daugher Bonniebelle Speelmanell added,” I’m telling her to keep trying and just hold her hand and help her.”

Experts say support is huge when it comes to keeping New Year’s resolutions, but it doesn’t necessarily have to come from another person.

David Swanberg is aiming to continue being sober through 2019. He’s got 4 months under his belt and says its a simple stay stober app on his phone that gives him the daily encouragement he needs.

“Every single day it reminds me that you can do this, not only you can do this but you are doing this,” shared David.

For those who are struggling to hang on to their New Year’s resolutions just a couple hours in, it might already be time to re-assess it.

To ensure success for the next 364 days, make sure it’s personal to you. Write out some baby steps to get there and track your progress and expect and accept there will be set backs.

Added Andrea, “I break them, I do but its just getting up there and trying it again. It’s not it’s broken, It’s not done. It’s keep on trying!”

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