Stevens County deputies will soon be equipped with body cameras

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COLVILLE, Wash. — Deputies in Stevens County will soon be equipped with body cameras.

The Sheriff’s Office says the five-year program will provide in-car video systems and body-worn cameras for all Stevens County Sheriff’s patrol units. Extra body cameras will also be available for special assignments and detectives as needed, as well as two video systems for police interview rooms.

The cameras will record any police action that an officer takes, including arrests, traffic stops, searches, detentions, interviews, and interrogations. The footage captured by Stevens County deputies will preserve interactions with the public, capture evidence to use in cases, and assist in investigations.

The hope is that the cameras will also increase transparency, promote de-escalation, and resolve citizen complaints.

The Sheriff’s Office says the cameras have been ordered and policies are being made about them. The program is expected to start by early summer and should be in full swing by fall of 2022.

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