Step-Up for Texas Tuesday

Step-Up for Texas Tuesday

All day Tuesday, your favorite hosts from our KXLY Radio Stations have been working together to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims.

It’s a campaign called: “Step-Up for Texas,” in which listeners are encouraged to visit station websites and donate what they can.

“One of the great things of doing what we do is you’re able to make a connection with people,” said Kevin James, Coyote Country 96.9 Morning Host. “Get people passionate about donating to a great cause and obviously that’s what this is, and it’s a fun thing to be a part of.”

Donations will help people whose lives have been upended by Hurricane Harvey. Donations will not only help with immediate needs like food and shelter, but will also help prepare people for future disasters.

“I can’t even imagine having to do what they have to do, and while the storm was on, all the attention was there,” said Dennis Patchin, 700 ESPN Program Director. “And now that the storm is gone and the attention is gone and the people look and their homes are destroyed.”

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