Stay safe this boating season

Stay safe this boating season

Boating season begins this weekend. Here are some safety tips from Pemco Insurance to make sure you’re ready to head out onto the water.

1. Make sure to have weather apps handy on your phone. Weather can change rapidly on the water. You can download the KXLY Weather App for updates.

2. Fire up your boat at home before you launch. You don’t want to end up blocking dock access for everyone else because your motor won’t start.

3. Check your winch rope. You don’t want it to snap while retrieving your boat at the launch.

4. Repack your trailer’s wheel bearings. Everyone checks their trailer tires for wear and tear, but most mechanics recommend servicing your wheel bearings annually.

5. Make sure you fill your boat with ethanol-free gas. Car engines handle it just fine, but marine engines struggle if blended fuel sits idle in the tank for more than a few weeks.