Digital Television FAQ

What is DTV Broadcast Television?
Digital Television, or DTV, is a highly improved wireless technology for reception of free over the air TV programs, including surround sound, by commonly available and reasonably priced home antennas.

If you have access to the Internet, determine what type of VHF-UHF antenna will provide the best reception at your address, Go to  then enter your TV set home's address. The site will then suggest a color code to match an antenna in the store. In most metro Spokane locations, a YELLOW style of antenna will be suggested. Walmart, Lowes, Best Buy, Ace Hardware, Fred Meyers and Home Depot are some of several retailers now stocking TV antennas. Reports to us indicate RCA and Channel Master antennas may be somewhat more reliable. Spokane broadcasters utilize VHF and UHF channels. Make certain the antenna packaging states the antenna is capable of both VHF and UHF reception.

If you have no Internet capabilies, contact at or call 509-324-4000 and ask for TV reception assistance.

Once your new antenna is mounted and plugged into the flat screen HDTV, have the set perform a "Channel Scan", or "Find All Channels". The set should locate and save all available area channels. If KXLY ABC and MeTV are not located, contact KXLY-TV Engineering at or call 509-324-4000 and ask for TV reception assistance.

If you have an older tube TV, you will need a DTV Converter box. These are available at Walmart, Fred Meyers, Best Buy and other TV dealerships. Connect the new antenna to the input of the Converter box and the Converter box's Channel 3 output to the TV set. Tune the TV set to Channel 3 and follow the instructions on the screen to "Scan for New Channels".

On rare occasions, digital TVs or digital converter boxes may lose their channel memory. If you are missing some or all channels, unplug the flat screen TV or DTV converter box for one minute. Plug the equipment back in and rescan for all channels once again. If KXLY-TV, ABC and MeTV do not return, contact KXLY Engineering at or phone 509-324-4000 and ask for TV reception assistance.

Additionally, KXLY-TV continues to operate several analog translator signals for older tube TVs.  Channel 11 in Spokane, Channel 45 in the LC Valley and Channel 43 in Grant County are still available in the traditional format.

If you use a pay cable service and tune to Channel 4 with a new HD TV set, it may not automatically receive an HD picture.  You'll then need to make certain that your service provider has set your home up with an HD set top and programming package.  Also, cable systems sometimes place their HD channel offerings up in the 100 to 700 channel range.  Check your local cable channel guide to determine where to find the full HD channels.