‘State of awe’: WSU students find similarities with students across the world in Serbia

SPOKANE, Wash. — Local students say creating connections is easier than it seems.

Four Washington State University students studying various media majors in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication are overseas in Serbia for a unique spring break. They were selected out of a competitive pool of applicants for the fully paid international opportunity called “Backpack Journalism.”

While staying in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, they ventured a bit out of town to the University of Novi Sad.

“Stepping into it, it definitely feels like the first time you went to a college,” said Nichole Bascue. She’s a senior studying Integrated Strategic Communications.

The campus isn’t what they’re used to in Pullman, but it’s more than they could’ve imagined.

“Every moment of this feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Bascue said.

While on the grounds, they chatted with Serbian students, explored different classrooms and saw how their similarities transcend the distance.

“It was cool because a lot of these people are my age and so even though we live in different countries, on different sides of the world, we have a lot of shared experiences,” said Abby Davis, a senior studying Broadcast News and Public Relations.

Davis interviewed Serbian students and says their dedication and pursuit of truth is something she intends to bring back to the states.

“Their passion for journalism is something that really sticks out to me,” she said.

They’re exploring whatever they can, and the sights in Serbia are sticking with them.

“You look out the window, and it’s nothing that you’ve seen before. You’re just consistently in this state of awe,” Bascue said.

These students are full of gratitude for an overseas trip to Serbia to see the world is really more connected than they thought.

“The fact that there’s this commonality that all of us have across the globe is just incredibly powerful,” Bascue concluded.

All of these students are gathering content from Serbia. When the trip ends, they’ll bring it back here to Washington and put pieces together. They’re using this opportunity to launch their professional careers and will do so with a global perspective.

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