Staffing shortages impacting summer camps and their ability to serve

Northeast Youth Center
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SPOKANE, Wash. – Staffing shortages are impacting summer camps and their capacity to serve. 

With more kids enrolling, one area summer camp is desperately looking for more staff. 

The Northeast Youth Center is expected to serve almost 200 students this summer. That said, they do not have enough rec leaders to meet the demand. 

The organization is looking to hire at least four more leaders by June 21. The more they have, the more kids they can serve. 

“We don’t ever turn children away and we would never turn a child away that needs all-day care during the summer, so their parents can go to work,” said Executive Director Sheila Geraghty. “We just want to make sure we’re fully staffed by that time.”

Anyone over 21 can apply. Applicants must have previous experience working with kids. 

Geraghty says if they don’t hire enough, other staff members will drop their responsibilities to fill in. But that is a move they don’t want to take. 

Those interested in applying can learn more here.

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