Stabbing victim says she can’t access money from online fundraisers

Stabbing victim says she can’t access money from online fundraisers
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Missy Robertson was stabbed by her estranged husband dozens of times. Friends and family donated money to online fundraisers with the intention of helping her, but now she can't access the money. 

Family and friends were quick to help Missy Robertson in any way they could when they heard the news. They donated money through an online fundraiser to cover meals and bills, and to help her through what would be a long journey ahead.

On April 23, Robertson was stabbed repeatedly by her estranged husband after he tied her up with a cell phone cable. He then kidnapped their son, prompting an AMBER Alert and later took his own life. The young boy was found safe and reunited with Robertson.

Now, a month later, as Robertson continues to recover both physically and emotionally, the financial donations are nowhere to be found.

Robertson said a former classmate of hers helped set up the online fundraisers through Facebook and Meal Train. In total, over $2,200 were raised.

Robertson was told three money orders were mailed to her weeks ago, but she never received them. The classmate then said they were cashed at a location in Spokane; the Safeway on Sprague and Evergreen. When Robertson went to the location, a manager said they do not handle those types of transactions.

Robertson said there is no record of the money orders ever being cashed. She then asked for information to look into them herself. Robertson said the classmate told her that information was inside a car that was impounded last week.

Now, Robertson has no idea where the money is or if she will ever have access to it.

“I just want other people to be aware so that they’re not the victim of something like this, especially when it’s after a tragedy,” Robertson said. “Funds should only be dispersed to the people they were intended for, the recipients, not to anyone else.”

Robertson contacted the police, but they told her they cannot help until someone who donated money files a claim.

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