STA HR director under fire after racially charged thread discovered on her FB page

STA HR director under fire after racially charged thread discovered on her FB page

STA transit workers called for an investigation into practices of the agency Tuesday afternoon at a press conference, after a racially charged thread was discovered on the Facebook page of Human Resources Director Nancy Williams.

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1015, which represents STA workers, uncovered the comments.

Union members expressed concern over STA’s commitment to being an Equal Opportunity Employer, in light of the comments.

“Our country was founded on the principles that all people are created equal regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, or country of origin,” said Local 1015 President Thomas Leighty. “There is no room for this type of bigotry in the private sector, and there should be no room for it in our public institutions, either. This STA leader is responsible for making critical decisions at the agency, so we expect a full independent investigation into this incident.”

STA responded to the call for an investigation in a statement released Tuesday.

Spokane Transit has an unwavering commitment to diversity and non-discrimination in each and every level of the organization. From our hiring practices to our transit planning outreach, or the services we provide to thousands of people every day, our goal is to be a source of pride for the region. We can only be that by ensuring an environment where everyone is treated equally, and with dignity.

Through today’s ATU 1015 press conference, we were made aware of a claim of discrimination and STA Board leadership will take immediate action to investigate.