SRHD: Slightly delayed second vaccine shot won’t impact efficacy

SPOKANE, Wash.– Washington are other states are still waiting for more COVID-19 doses.

But, the state is now making the most out of the doses it has as it’s used 91 percent of its vaccine allotment so far.

Roughly 1,200 of those doses were given at the Spokane Arena Monday as the Department of Health is now vaccinating about twice as many people there per day than it usually does.

That’s because many appointments were rescheduled due to shipment delays caused by recent winter storms across the U.S.

Now, many of the providers and the DOH are focused on 2nd shot appointments.

Moderna’s second dose is supposed to come 28 days after the first shot, and Pfizer’s is 21 days after the first.

Helen sent us a question, asking what happens if that 21 or 28 day window is not follow.

You want to make sure to get that second dose as close to that window as possible, but if you can’t, or if you have an appointment canceled, don’t worry.

“A few days after, or a week after or ten days after is not going to impact the efficacy of the second dose,” Dr. Frank Velazquez of Spokane Regional Health said.

The CDC agreed with that and said you can wait up to 42 days to get that second shot.

Pfizer announced Tuesday a new study shows its vaccine is 92-percent effective at preventing serious disease after receiving both shots.

About 2-3 weeks after the first shot, the study shows Pfizer’s vaccine is 72 percent effective at preventing death.

Dan sent us another question and said there is some confusion about how long one should wait between recovering from COVID-19 and getting the vaccine.

Kaiser Health and the Washington Department of Health told us as soon as you recover from the virus and no longer have to isolate, then you can get the vaccine.