SPS wants to build a strong, safe, well-informed community with gun security

SPOKANE, Wash — Spokane Public Schools says student and firearm safety has turned into a hot topic in recent years.

Board members are discussing the next steps and how to promote community awareness about securing firearms. SPS says they want to build a strong and informed community, wanting to provide factual information to families about proper gun storage.

One local gun shop owner says they want to help get the message out.

For some people, guns serve as personal protection, but they should never make it into the hands of a child.

“Our goal with SPS and in general with our community is to make sure that firearms don’t go into the hands of the people that aren’t supposed to have possession of them, and whether that’s people that have a criminal history. Especially children we want to just be able to help them convey this message to the community that all gun owners have a responsibility to store firearms in a safe manner,” Jeremy Ball, owner of Sharp Shooting Range said.

That way, guns have fewer chances of making it into schools. The SPS Board is looking at the right way and strategy to share information with families on how to properly store firearms.

“It’s all a part of building a strong and safe well-informed community, and we know as a public school system we have a role to play in making sure our families are well informed,” SPS Superintendent Adam Swinyard said.

The board members will talk about what messaging could look like at Wednesday night’s meeting. It might include some conversations about gun storage at grandparents’ and friends’ homes, and recognizing behavioral signs like depression in kids according to other school districts that have already implemented similar messaging.

“We know that our parents have an interest in particular topics and we’re always sharing interest around a range of different topics and educational topics with our families,” Swinyard said.

Sharp Shooting Range hopes to work with SPS to get the message out, making sure they can provide resources to SPS to support their campaign on contacting families throughout the community.

Ball says you can properly store a firearm in several ways, whether it be using a simple cable lock or a trigger guard, padlock or lock box.

Ball also says a few safety steps and the right message to keep children away from guns is important.

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