SPS responds to Spokane Police chief’s claim it isn’t following mandatory reporting procedures

SPOKANE, Wash– It’s the law for school districts to report assaults that happen on their grounds, just like they’re required by law to report assaults that happen to students at home.

That’s something Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl said Spokane Public Schools might not be not doing.

Meidl explained he was made aware SPS wasn’t reporting mandated assaults to law enforcement in December.

“In reviewing those different incident reports, I noticed a trend or pattern of multiple reports that should’ve been reported but had not,” he said.

Of the reports he’s looked into, he counted unreported mandatory assaults into the double digits.

“When coupled with the other things I was hearing about this philosophy of not calling law enforcement, it did seem like these were perhaps, inadvertently not called in,” he said.

He recognized there are some incidents that happen that schools deal with internally, but there is a difference.

“Versus a lot of the ongoing bullying behavior that occurs, or a sexual assault that occurs, or you have threats being stated face to face with someone to do grievance harm,” he said.

He explained all assault is included.

“It’s everything from assaults to sexual assaults, to very serious threats as well, so it runs the full gamut,” Meidl said.

Councilman Michael Cathcart released the email confirming the FBI’s involvement.

“It’s just really important that people are aware that these are the allegations, and hopefully the investigation is going to get to the bottom of what’s going on,” Cathcart said. “Is it systemic? Is it from the higher-ups from the schools or is it something else?”

Spokane Public Schools denied an on-camera interview. They did send a written response you can find here. 

Spokane Public Schools responds to SPD by Tasha Cain on Scribd

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