SPS middle and high school students return to in-person hybrid learning

SPOKANE, Wash. — Students at every grade level with Spokane Public Schools are now back to some form of in-person learning.

It’s the moment students and teachers have been waiting for since COVID-19 forced schools to shut their doors.

“Teaching during the pandemic has been one of the most interesting and challenging times in my teaching career,” Cheri Hacker, History Teacher at Garry Middle School.

As an educator for over 23 years, she says the hardest part of this pandemic has been connecting with her students.

“Now I get to see them and I can imagine them having a smile underneath their mask. I can see them smiling with their eyes,” said Hacker.

Hacker’s students finally returned to in-person learning on Monday after spending nearly a year learning from home.

“I can just see that excitement and them feeling like wow, what are we going to learn next?,” said Hacker.

Middle and high school students will be on a hybrid schedule, just like fifth and sixth. Group ‘A’ students will attend classes in person on Mondays and Wednesdays. Group ‘B’ students will go to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Both groups will alternate between Friday.

“Nobody really has experience with any of this, but they’re really trying to connect with their students and make them feel comfortable,” said Rosie Zhou, Senior at Ferris High School.

“It seems like a long dark tunnel, but I feel like the light should be coming,” said Lauren Wright, Senior at Ferris High School.

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